Small Business Saturday | Freebie!

This is a shout out to my favorite small businesses and artists: thank you for inspiring me and/or supporting me! 

November 29th is Small Business Saturday! Choose to support your favorite small businesses this holiday season - you're pretty much guaranteed to find an awesome gift! There's just something so comforting about a local shop owned by people passionate about their curated products. Sure, I love Target.. I mean, LOVE, but I enjoy walking through small shops and getting to know the owners. The shops are almost always decorated with a little bit more thought and their merchandise has meaning. Plus, I love unique goods! 

Small businesses go beyond storefronts. I say support your favorite artist, photographer, or filmmaker, this holiday season, too! Some of these people create beautiful products and their handiwork would make a great gift. *Actually, you guys should support them FOREVER.. not just during the holidays.* It's so intimidating to put your work out there and being creative is exhausting at times, but their passion is reflected in what they create. 

Kesoma Design isn't established just yet, but I've learned to appreciate the hard work and commitment that goes behind a small business. I have so much to learn from these inspiring people. 

I've curated a list of my favorite local businesses here in Dallas.

1. We Are 1976
2. The Gypsy Wagon 
3. Spinster Records 
4. Number One
5. Davis Street Espresso
6. Joy Macarons
7. Read Between The Lines
8. VeeCaravan 
9. shopKAZ

Also, here are some of my favorite artists who happen to be my friends!

1. Naknek Design
2. Kelsey Lemons
3. Micah Dixon Photography
4. S'Wonderful Photography
5. Esther Oh 

So about that freebie!  I've created two different 4x6 hand-lettered cards for you to send or deliver to your favorite small businesses and/or artists as a "thank you". You could even keep a copy as a small reminder to support them. All you have to do is download the PDF, print, and cut out the card! 

Side note: My brush lettering needs a lot of work and I officially hate the letter "S"! But hey.. It's free ;)

Download / Download