2015 + Printable Calendar!

So 2014 is almost over! Is it just me or do the years all of a sudden go by really fast? Okay, maybe it's just me.. 

2014 was an amazing year. I mean I got MARRIED and moved to DALLAS. What?! Five, no two.. years ago, I would of never expected that! I am so thankful for those who have encouraged and inspired me, but I especially thank God for His kind faithfulness throughout the year. 

Onto 2015.. Well, there's a lot more room for growth at Kesoma Design. I'm working on establishing my "brand" and making it more collective. I'm afraid I'm a little all over the place.. ;) I'm open to advice on how to narrow down or establish a style! 

For right now, I have a calendar to share with you guys! Introducing.. Lyrical: A 2015 Calendar, inspired by beautiful typography and minimalism. Also, black and white is sometimes the best way to go. So the lyrics on each page correspond to each month. I think they're all pretty obvious, but if you need help figuring it out - just ask! ;) 

Anyway, here's the LINK to download the 5x7 calendar for free.
I printed it out at Office Depot on 110# glossy card stock (it's not shiny!) - dirt cheap & great quality.